Palazzuolo sul Senio
Hotel Ristorante Europa
At the border between the Romagna and Tuscany regions, a magical place where traditions meet

The Tuscan Romagna area

From Palazzuolo, the Mugello area and Florence, to the lands of Faenza and the Romagna coast

Holidays in the Romagna region or in Tuscany? Why have to choose? If you stay in Palazzuolo sul Senio, located halfway between the two regions, you can visit both and discover culturally important places such as the towns of the High and Low Mugello, with their fascinating history and surrounded by some of the most astounding landscapes of the Tuscan region.

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Towards Florence

Just 27 km from the hotel is the International Racing Circuit of the Mugello and nearby you will find the Bilancino Lake, a fabulous solution for swimming and sunbathing; by proceeding in the same direction, you will get to Florence, a city that surely needs no presentations, the globally renowned emblem of art and of the Renaissance.

The Faenza lands and Ravenna

If you travel in the opposite direction, and pass the regional border – just 10 Km from Palazzuolo sul Senio – you will enter the Emilia Romagna region and come in contact with the towns of the Faenza lands, famous for their medicinal herbs, thermal waters and the Il brisighello oil.


By proceeding in this direction, you will reach Faenza, an ancient and elegant art city, well-known for its ceramics, which you can admire in the International Museum.


This is also the ideal route for reaching Ravenna, a World Heritage Site where you can visit the famous mosaics, the tomb of Dante and the Mausoleum of Theodoric; if you are looking for fun and entertainment, you can opt for Mirabilandia, one of the best-known Italian theme parks.

Easy travelling

If you are not travelling by car, you can visit all the sites described above by making the most of the Faentina Railways, considering that the Marradi station is only 12 km from Palazzuolo sul Senio, and connected to our town by bus routes (Faenza-Marradi by train and Marradi-Palazzuolo sul Senio by bus).

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